The Rare Poultry Society

I welcome you all as President of the Rare Poultry Society to the long-awaited web Site.. ..

In the beginning, in 1969, Andrew Sheppy  our current Vice-President, had the idea of forming a Society for rare poultry breeds, not only for those which were near extinction, but also for those many breeds that had fallen by the wayside during World Wars 1 and 2. Before this, there had been many very trading platforms in south africa prosperous clubs to cater for the interests and well being of these breeds, but interest and numbers had declined. Andrew and other interested parties gathered together and a Society was formed in June 1969, Andrew being its first Secretary. From its inception the new club was named The Rare Breeds Society, the name later changed, because many thought it was a Society for all rare species.
The Aim of the Society then, was to cater for Rare and Endangered Breed’s of poultry, bantams and turkeys. The aim now, is to cater for breeds which do not have a breed club or society, newly created breeds and newly imported breeds from abroad. In the early days many breeds which were under the umbrella of the (R.B.S.) have now left to go it alone- to name a few-Araucanas, Brahmas, Dutch Bantams, Frizzles, Large Modern Game, Orpingtons(Blue), and various off-coloured large wyandottes. In recent times, Asian Hardfeather breeds, German Langshans, New Hampshire Reds and Turkey's have left the society.
The Aim for the future is to still cater for the many rare and less popular breeds out there - it could be possible that the R.P.S. one day could not function, because all breeds have clubs to cater for their interests - but I very much doubt that will ever happen, especially in the current climate, where there is so much against anybody doing anything.
To many people keeping a few rare and endangered breeds in the back garden is a hobby (it’s been mine for nearly sixty years) and  perfecting their chosen breed can become almost an obsession.
The Rare Poultry Society, for the future via subscription, aims to distribute Newsletters - up to date breeders Lists (names and contact details only) promote more classes at shows and to update
Breed standards. In the not too distant future The Society is planning to produce its own set of standards for all breeds which are catered for. 
Richard Billson.
Richard Billson sadly passed away on the 4th November 2010  in hospital after a long battle with ill health. Richard was a founder member of the society, he became secretary, a position which he held for 25 years before being voted President. One of the true characters and a legend of the fancy Richard worked hard to secure the future of our pure breeds and the poultry show traditions. His death will leave a huge void in the poultry fancy in the UK and across Europe.